Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Navajo Plying workshop

Back on Friday 27th November 2009 Jean Groom demonstrated and explained the technique of Navajo plying to the members at the guild meeting. This technique allows you to turn a single spun thread into a 3 ply yarn. It also lets you keep the colour sequence you have created when spinning. This can give some very interesting colour effects when using multi-coloured fibres seen here in the pictures. Navajo plying creates a rounded yarn that is very even. But you must remember it uses 3 time the amout of singles. It is also an ideal method of plying to use up all your left over singles on your bobbins.
The results from knitting up the Navajo plied yarn below was very interesting and not what I had expected it to be like. It produced short blocks of colour within a row of knitting. I like the effect and it would work well for a childs garment.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Guild Programme for 2010

The guild meets on the second Saturday of the month, 10am to 4pm at Hazelwood Village Hall, Hazelwood, Derbyshire and the last Friday of the month at Mickleover Community Centre 7.30pm to 9.30pm. All new members and visitors welcome.

PROGRAMME for 2010:

  • Sat. 9th Jan. - Spin-in, show off you fibrous Christmas gifts.
  • Fri. 29th Jan. - Nalbindning with Tanya Patmore.

  • Sat. 13th Feb. - Resist Felt Landscape with Janet Phillips.

  • Fri. 26th Feb. - Show and Tell/ Thermo Fleece Challenge.

  • Sat. 13th Mar. - Weaving Texture Workshop with Stacey Harvey Brown.

  • Fri. 26th Mar. - AGM and Guild Competition.

  • Sat. 10th Apr. - Spin-in and Sales table in aid of the CONI charity (Care Of the Next Infant).

  • Fri. 30th Apr. - Talk on Angora Rabbits by Richard Grindey of the Angora Rabbit Club.

  • Sat. 8th May. - Visit to the Kaleidoscope Exhibition at Mansfield Museum.

  • Fri. 28th May - Mongolian Argali & Anecdotes talk by Alison Thornhill.
  • Sat. 12th June - Napalese Children's Trust Talk and Sale with Gwenda Culkin.
  • Fri. 25th June - No Meeting, members at Woolfest.
  • Sat. 10th July - An Abundance of Braids and Bands with Jennie Parry.
  • Fri. 30th July - Spin-in work on your latest project & Woolfest fibres.
  • Sat. 14th Aug - Guild Outing, open house at Muriel's.
  • Fri. 27th Aug - Summer break, no meeting.
  • Sat. 11th Sept - Spin, weave or felt workshop.
  • Fri. 24th Sept - The prehistoric uses of natural fibres, talk by Peter Groom.
  • Sat. 9th Oct. - 'The Fruit Course' a day of Dyeing with Mary Hawkins.
  • Fri. 29th Oct - Spin-in, wpork on your latest project.
  • Sat. 13th Nov - Needle Felting Workshop with Kim Smith.
  • Fri. 26th Nov - Spinning, Weaving & Dyeing in the 1500s talk by Alison Coates.
  • Sat. 11th Dec - Christmas Meeting and Shared Lunch.

Guild Newsletters will be issued in January, April, July and October. Details of workshop materials and equipment required will be listed in the newsletters.