Sunday, 20 July 2008

Spinning Fancy Yarns

Febuary 9th Saturday Workshop was led by Alison Daykin and the title of the workshop was 'Spinning Fancy Yarns'. This workshop was inspired by Alisons new book 'Creative Spinning'. This beautiful and inspiring book encourages you to work from an inspirational source to create unusual textured, coloured yarns - and thats just what we did at this workshop. Blending colours, adding slubs, bits of ribbon even feathers to our spun fibres. Taking us out of our spinning comfort zone to produce some exciting yarns.

I cannot believe it is almost 12 months since I last up-dated the guilds blog and for this I must apologize. But the demands life makes on us sucks up all our time and before you realise it the weeks and months have flown by!
But I am pleased to report the Derbyshire Guild has been as active as ever throughout this time. We have had some interesting and inspiring meeting and I will try and bring this blog up-to-date over the next few weeks reporting on all our guilds activities. Starting with the 'Free Form' knitting and crochet workshop we had in January, led by our own Joy Smith. The art of free form was very new to most of us and it posed quite a challenge. But the results were lovely, bright and colourful. The aim is to sew all these beautiful free form squares into a centre piece display for our guilds stand at shows and events.