Saturday, 16 April 2011

Indigo Dyeing Workshop with Pam Keeling

Saturday 9th April 2011 - was a most excellent Indigo dyeing workshop led by our own Pam Keeling.

Pam brought along some of her beautiful indigo dye samples for us to look at and she talked us through how to obtain some of the lovely interesting dye patterns.

She made the whole process seem very easy and the results speak for them self.

We stared off indoors but the weather was so lovely outside, that seemed to be the best place to do the dyeing. So we move all the tables and equipment outdoors.
Here we are mixing our indigo dye bath under Pam's keen supervision.
Stuart Groom set up a very impressive washing line for us to use and it was soon filled with blue dyed fabric and yarn.

Here you can see some of the interesting patterns created by the stitching and the different objects that were tied into the fabric.

Everybody had great results from their dyeing that day and we all look forward to seeing what each of us will do with our dyed fabrics and yarns in the future.

I am sure there will be some members who will be turning up to meetings in pretty blue summer skirts and tops!

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